Our Services

Our ground maintenance teams have many years experience and deal with large and small companies, and individuals maintaining their sites to a high standard. Maintenance, whether it is grass cutting, weed control, pruning or hedge cutting, all work will be carried out using good horticultural practices. Our specialist equipment can cover areas large and small, thus being very cost effective. Greenacres believe in customer satisfaction and with this in mind, our dedicated team will liaise closely with you and regularly carry out site inspections in order to monitor our performance standards. 

Grass Cutting

Grass maintenance is essential, a well maintained grass area can make a significant difference to your site. We have a wide range of machines ranging from pedestrian mowers to tractor mounted to suit your needs.

Shrub and Hedge Cutting

Hedge and shrub pruning ensures a formal image. we deal with all shapes and sizes of hedge and shrubs and have the appropriate equipment to reduce time and costs.

Spraying and Chemical Treatment

Weeds are unsightly, spreading and outcompeting grassland causing a reduction in quality, at Greenacres we have fully trained and competent operatives to use handheld sprayers this offers a faster approach to traditional hand weeding. We also have the machinery to use chemicals on a much larger scale such as a whole field. We can also offer control solutions for invasive weeds such as giant hogweed, Japanese knotweed and Himalayan balsam.

Green Climber

Our green climber is a very unique remote controlled multipurpose machine that can be used for very dangerous or inconvenient tasks, our range of implements  such as flail mower, forestry mulcher, stump grinder trencher and seeder ensures that any job can be completed no matter how big or awkward the site seems to be.

Tree Surgery

Greenacres Landscape Management have a very experienced tree surgery team. Whether your tree needs crown lifting, reducing, pollarding or removing completely including stump removal we can offer this service.

Planting and Grass operations

From gardens to football pitches we offer a full range of seeding, over seeding or turfing including the preparation of the area to suit your budget and needs. We also offer tree, shrub and hedge planting services.

Westermann Moss brush

At Greenacres we have a Westermann moss brush which is offers a powerful clean of hard surfaces to remove moss, debris and weeds without the use of any chemical solutions.


We can supply and erect all types of wooden structures such as all types of fencing, from the smallest of gardens to large country estates and farms. contact us for more details on all our construction services


We carry out a winter program of log splitting with our firewood processor producing quality seasoned hardwood logs cut to order. Machine is also available to hire for your own production.

Winter Operations

We offer a winter program of snow clearance and gritting including pathways, car parks and drives keeping you and your business safe through the toughest conditions.